Kodiak International Inc

Kodiak International, Inc. started out as Kodiak Special Police and Security,LLC. As time passed the company grew until the international market opened up to the LLC company and a change was due to happen.

Kodiak International is Licensed, Bonded and insured. Any amount of insurance can be obtained to fit the needs of the client.

The LLC was dropped, the company incorporated and Kodiak International, Inc. became the new company name. The corporation has grown and grown. Soon Kodiak will be in half of the United States with overseas contracts.

The security has received high reviews from clients and the company police has a 100% conviction rate after the arrest is made.

The training academy added by Chief/CEO W.R. Carter will soon be among the upper level academies in the state. The academy will train everything from pepper spray to in service law enforcement training and beyond.

Kodiak International, Inc. has positioned itself to strongly become one of the premiere full service security corporations in the world.

  • Chief Carter


    "To provide outstanding service to our clients with a high level of integrity, while making
    security presence financially cost effective to our clients."