Welcome to Kodiak Training Academy

Our academy is prepared to train and retrain officers for service.

Our academy is governed by Chief W.R. Carter and training coordinator A. Bush. The training coordinator over sees the daily activities of the academy.

Being a privately owned academy we receive no public funding. The motivation of the academy is to perform the best training.

Kodiak Training Academy gives the corporation an advantage in the market place. Officers are trained and deployed as needed when needed.

This academy will train security officers, law enforcement for in house only.

The academy will train:
Law enforcement, security officers (in house only).

The academy staff is a combination of law enforcement and private, state certified, trainers. They are highly skilled and will provide the highest quality training to its students.

Kodiak Training Academy will strive to become the leader in the training arena.

  • Chief Carter


    "To provide outstanding service to our clients with a high level of integrity, while making
    security presence financially cost effective to our clients."